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Ralph Masiello's Dragon Drawing Book

Ralph Masiello's Dragon Drawing Book

Illustrator Ralph Masiello delves into myth and legend in this newest addition to his popular drawin..

Product Code: BK7659


Sandy's Circus  (Stone & Kulikov)

Sandy's Circus (Stone & Kulikov)

As a boy, Alexander “Sandy” Calder was always fiddling with odds and ends, making objects for friend..

Product Code: BK7871


Sketchbook 101  (Gibbons)

Sketchbook 101 (Gibbons)

Each page of this sketchbook has a suggested drawing project. This book was created by an artist and..

Product Code: BK9697


Sketchbook 102  (Gibbons)

Sketchbook 102 (Gibbons)

Each page of this sketchbook has a suggested drawing project to help students with preliminary ideas..

Product Code: BK9881


Special Artist's Handbook  (Rodriguez)

Special Artist's Handbook (Rodriguez)

More than 50 art projects with step-by-step instructions for austistic, learning-disabled, physicall..

Product Code: CP7185


Strategies for Learning (Art Styles Wbk)

Strategies for Learning (Art Styles Wbk)

This easy-to-use spiral-bound book includes reproducible pages of questions for students, a complete..

Product Code: CP1855


Student Workbook - Single  (WB)       DS

Student Workbook - Single (WB) DS

Includes 24 pages with brilliant color reproductions. Offers lessons in art history, criticism and a..

Product Code: CP5427


Tessellations: History & Making of Desgn

Tessellations: History & Making of Desgn

Take a journey through the history of tessellations and learn step–by–step how to create translation..

Product Code: CP5875


The Museum  (Reynolds & Verde)

The Museum (Reynolds & Verde)

A little girl finds herself on an exciting adventure in the art museum. Each piece evokes something ..

Product Code: BK9879


Through Georgia's Eyes  (Rodriguez)

Through Georgia's Eyes (Rodriguez)

As a child, O'Keeffe roamed the prairie with a sketch pad in her hand, struggling to capture on pape..

Product Code: BK1215


Totally Tangled  (Bartholomew)

Totally Tangled (Bartholomew)

Zentangle is a complicated looking drawing that is built one line at a time. Simple tangles, or patt..

Product Code: BK9754


Travels with Monet (Rodriguez)

Travels with Monet (Rodriguez)

This book is written in the style of a travel journal and offers a different slant on Monet's life a..

Product Code: CP1988


Usborne Step-by-Step Drawing  (Watt)

Usborne Step-by-Step Drawing (Watt)

From rockets to robots, monkeys to monsters and lots more, find out how to draw everything you've ev..

Product Code: BK9893


Why is Blue Dog Blue?  (Rodrigue)

Why is Blue Dog Blue? (Rodrigue)

Blue Dog's creator, George Rodrigue, takes readers on a playful tour of his unique color world. Read..

Product Code: BK2493


Zentangle Basics  (McNeill)

Zentangle Basics (McNeill)

Twenty-five “tangles” will help you decorate words and turning simple line drawings into exquisite a..

Product Code: BK9748


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