Body IQ

Body IQ

The concept and games for bodyIQ® were developed by a Danish expert, Mette Nør Mønsted, on the body and diet. She is a qualified nurse, nutritionist, and mother of three. The best way to teach children is through play and by associating with other children in their own environment. The aim of developing the games was to give children the opportunity to learn how fantastic their bodies are, to give them a broad knowledge about their bodies, and to teach them to think and eat healthfully.

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bodyIQ  Card Set

bodyIQ Card Set

Body IQ Standard set of Cards..

Product Code: BIQ-2


bodyIQ  Classroom Set

bodyIQ Classroom Set

Learning about the body has just become seriously fun! Throw the die and follow the blood vessels th..

Product Code: BIQ-200


bodyIQ  Food Fight Fruit

bodyIQ Food Fight Fruit

Food Fight Card Sets challenge players to name the vitamin or mineral each food contains the most of..

Product Code: BIQ-21


bodyIQ  Food Fight Mat

bodyIQ Food Fight Mat

Food fight mat...

Product Code: BIQ-23


bodyIQ  Junior Classroom Set

bodyIQ Junior Classroom Set

Are you ready for an incredible adventure through the body? Throw the die and follow the blood vesse..

Product Code: BIQ-100


bodyIQ  Nutrition Classroom Set

bodyIQ Nutrition Classroom Set

Find out how food is broken down, how vitamins are absorbed and why it's so important to eat healthy..

Product Code: BIQ-32


bodyIQ  Nutrition Mat

bodyIQ Nutrition Mat


Product Code: BIQ-33


bodyIQ  Standard Carpet

bodyIQ Standard Carpet


Product Code: BIQ-3


bodyIQ  Wood Markers,Die, Nylon, Storage Bags

bodyIQ Wood Markers,Die, Nylon, Storage Bags

Body IQ Wood Markers and Die..

Product Code: BIQ-5


Nurtition Card Set

Nurtition Card Set

600 playing cards (consisting of 300 questions and answers distributed between 10 organ categories),..

Product Code: BIQ-31


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