Math Manipulatives

Math Manipulatives are the perfect first introduction to mathematics. Their bright colors and interesting shapes naturally attract curious children's attention. Use Pattern Blocks to explore geometry, symmetry, fractions, measurement and more. Use Color Cubes to teach counting, sorting and problem solving.

Decimals and Fractions

Fraction Bars®  Activity Mats

Teaching about decimals has been a challenge in the past - no more! Fraction Bars® and Decimal Squares® were created to insure success in communicating these important mathematical concepts. These educational products meet the NCTM standards for teaching mathematics. Each is a complete program with overhead transparencies, lesson plans and teacher's guides.

Mathematical Concepts - Foundation for Abstract Thought

Scott Resources has developed an extensive catalog of learning tools to teach mathematical concepts. Patterns, shapes, colors - manipulatives teach geometric concepts and logic at an early age. Games and puzzles keep young minds engaged in the important business of learning

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