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Decimal Squares™

Decimal Squares™

Each set of Decimal Squares™ includes 57 squares, color coded and shaded to represent tenths, hundre..

Product Code: SR-0876


Decimal Squares™  Activity Mats, Dice AND Game Markers

Decimal Squares™ Activity Mats, Dice AND Game Markers

This set contains 44 colorful mats to use with a variety of activities presented in the Teacher's Gu..

Product Code: SR-0888


Decimal Squares™  Classroom Center

Decimal Squares™ Classroom Center

This set includes all the materials needed to teach an entire range of decimal and percent topics. A..

Product Code: SR-0875


Decimal Squares™  Games

Decimal Squares™ Games

Here are original games by the author, Dr. Albert Bennett Jr., of the Decimal Squares™ program. This..

Product Code: SR-0895


Decimal Squares™  Overhead Transparencies

Decimal Squares™ Overhead Transparencies

Great tools for demonstrating decimal concepts to an entire class. Heavy-duty transparencies are sha..

Product Code: SR-0881


Decimal Squares™  Playing Cards

Decimal Squares™ Playing Cards

Each of 57 durable plastic cards shows a decimal, its name and corresponding fraction. The color-cod..

Product Code: SR-0877


Decimal Squares™  Starter Set

Decimal Squares™ Starter Set

Our Starter Set is ideal for demonstration or working with a small group! Includes one set of Decima..

Product Code: SR-0880


Decimal Squares™  Teacher Resource Pack

Decimal Squares™ Teacher Resource Pack

139 reproducible work sheets. Test and answer sheetsthat reinforce concepts presented in the Teacher..

Product Code: SR-0879


Decimal Squares™  Teacher's Guide

Decimal Squares™ Teacher's Guide

The Decimal Squares™ Teacher's Guide covers decimal concepts for all grade levels. Each concept is c..

Product Code: SR-0878


Match Learner™  Decimals

Match Learner™ Decimals

Match Learner™ Decimals contains questions with answers with matching decimals. Two tiles match, fo..

Product Code: ML0091


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