NTA - MicroSlide®

NTA - MicroSlide®

Microslide® products are an integrated system. From the viewer to the slides themselves, we have everything needed for classroom success.

NTA Microslide® Systems

For more than thirty years, tens of thousands of teachers and over 188,000,000 students have used the National Teaching Aids Microslide® System in their classrooms. Combining superb photomicrographs with detailed curriculum material and reproducible activity sheets, the Microslide® System is a comprehensive, classroom-ready resource that has been proven to help students learn. Best of all, this innovative program is extremely affordable.

Sets of 8 related 35mm images photographed through a microscope called photomicrographs. Arrows and call outs help the student locate important features. The film is mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides.

Each Microslide® is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan designed to stimulate, inform and question students about the topic under study. Each lesson plan has a pocket in which the Microslide® is stored. Lesson plans are printed on heavy card stock and will serve for repeated use. Microslide® Lesson plans can be purchased as individual copies or boxed in sets, in quantities of 10, 15 or 30. Subject areas include Biology, Life Science, Health, Earth Science, Environmental Science and Elementary Science.

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