• Chicken Embryo
We all know that hens lay eggs and that baby chicks hatch from eggs. Yet, when you open an egg at home, all you see is a yellow yolk and the white surrounding it. There are special processes that occur inside an egg before the chick is hatched. The seemingly shapeless original mass goes through several stages of development before it becomes a chick. To develop into a functioning, living animal it needs to have a backbone, heart, brain and complex organs. The slides on this poster help you to observe the growth of a normal chick embryo. The word "embryo" means the early stages of development of any plant or animal. Most living creatures go through many development stages before they become fully grown. The embryo starts with one cell and then eventually becomes many. In 21 days a chick made of millions of cells hatches from what began as a single cell. The egg contains all the proper things for the development of the chick embryo. It contains such things as calcium for bones, protein for muscles, and fats and sugars for energy. The eight slides on this poster were taken at different times, beginning with a 13-hour embryo. They were made at low magnification in order to show the entire embryo. 25.5" x 36" The 13 hour Chick The 18 hour Chick The 21 hour Chick The 28 hour Chick The 38 hour Chick The 48 hour Chick The 56 hour Chick The 96 hour Chick
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Chicken Embryo

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