• 5 Kingdoms of Life
The classification of biologic material has changed many times. We expect to see more changes in the future as things are being discovered about DNA, RNA and species. As scientists find life, they may need to reclassify organisms yet again. At present, life is divided into three domains: the Eukarya, Archaea, and Bacteria. This poster is about the traditional five-kingdom organization of life that was being used until recently. It is based upon simple questions which allow scientists to divide life into specific categories. Such questions are: what are the number of cells in the organism (single or many), the presence or absence of internal structures (chloroplasts - no chloroplasts; nucleus - no nucleus; cell wall and membrane - no cell wall) and the methods of energy processing. For instance, some organisms make chlorophyll which permits them to make food by using photosynthesis. Chlorophyll uses light and components of water and carbon dioxide to make sugar as a method of storing energy. A different major energy-related mechanism is called cellular respiration. In this process food reacts with oxygen to release stored energy with carbon dioxide as a waste product. The five kingdoms shown here are: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, and Monera. The first four are all in the domain Eukarya. The last kingdom is the modern domains of bacteria and archaea. The more current version (developed in 2010) actually has 3 domains and six kingdoms. They are the domains of: eukaryota, archaea and bacteria. The kingdoms found in the domain eukaryota are called: amoeba, opisthokonta, rhizaria, archaeoplastida, chromalveolata and excavata. However, there exists agreement among scientists that this version is probably not the final version. This poster measures 25.5" x 36" Eugena - A classification puzzle (400x) The Kingdom Monera - Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (2000x) The Kingdom Monera - Gleocapsa (1000x) The Kingdom Protista - Paramecium (100x) The Kingdom Protista - Spirocygra (150x) The Fungus Kingdom - The Mushroom (1/2x & (400x) The Plant Kingdom - Onion (xx0x) & Elodea (150x) The Animal Kingdom - (750x)
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5 Kingdoms of Life

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