• Echinoderms
The echinoderms include a number of animals you will easily recognize such as sea stars, sea urchins and sand dollars. There are a few that you would never guess as belonging in the same phylum like crinoids and sea cucumbers. There are about 7000 species of echinoderms. All live in the ocean or in the bottom sediment. The echinoderms got their name because of their characteristic skin which is covered with spines. Echino means "spiny" and derm means "skin." The echinoderms are complex in many ways. Along with their spiny skin, all of them have a body form that is radially symmetrical. Humans, by contrast, are bilaterally symmetrical (having a left and right half). Besides radial symmetry, echinoderms have a unique water vascular system. This network of tubes make movement, feeding and gas exchange possible. This poster measures 25.5" x 36" Sea Star Spines (3x) & Sea Cucumber Ossicle (30x) Skin Gills (5x) Pedicellaria on a Sunstar (10x) edreporite of Pisaster (10x) Sea Star Tube Feet (10x) Sea Star Feeding on a Squid (1x) Aristotle's Lantern (10x) Regeneration (1/2)
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