• Cancer
The very word is scary. Almost all of us know someone who has had the disease. Each year, the number of cases diagnosed has been slowly increasing, making cancer the second most common cause of death (after heart disease) in North America. So, what do we know about cancer? Cancer cells live in all of us, young and old, rich and poor. We are exposed to various carcinogenic substances from the time we are born until the time we die. What makes the disease "different" by the time it is actually diagnosed? The answer is the immune system. Each person's immune system is unique and not everyone reacts the same to the same environmental, chemical and even genetic influences. It is really not just one disease, but more than 100, with differing causes and different effects. It can attack any part of the body. The diseases known as cancer share one thing in common: cells that are raging out of control. Some grow quickly while others are more slowly progressing. About one third of the people that are diagnosed with cancer actually die from the disease, while others die from such things as accidents, homicide, suicide, other diseases, and even natural causes. What causes the cells to behave in such a destructive fashion? We don't always know why the cells change or mutate. Exposure to radiation can cause mutations. Even invisible particles from outer space crashing through our atmosphere and passing through our bodies can be a detriment and source for the disease. Even though it seems to be a relatively disease we do not entirely know that. People are living longer and therefore the opportunity for it to manifest and affect our lives is now greater than ever before. We do know that about 80% of all cancers are caused by factors already present in the environment. Not all countries have the same cancer rates or even the same types of cancer. Diet, air pollution and exposure to "hormone disruptors" seem to be coming up on the short list continually. It is urgent that we change the safety requirements for the chemical industry and the food industry. We also need to monitor chemicals in the air, water and soil - but most of all we need to be more proactive in the maintenance and health of our own bodies. We need to scrutinize what we put into them and on them. Diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress and attitude are all important. The process of living takes a toll on all of us, so we must try to limit those factors that contribute to giving us - cancer. This poster measures 25.5" x 36" Healthy Skin (100x) Cancerous Skin (100x) Tumor - Lung (25x) Lung - Normal (50x) / Cancer (75x) Melanoma (1x) / Basal Cell Carcinoma (100x) Colon - Normal (75x) / Cancel (75x) Breasts - Normal (75x) / Cancer (75x) Testes - Cancer (75x) / Cervix - Cancer (75x)
Age From 13+
Grade From 8+
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