• Cytoplasm
The cytoplasm is the part of a typical cell located between the cell membrane and the nucleus. Until the 1930s this area was thought of as being simply a fluid filled space containing dissolved chemicals and countless unidentifiable tiny specks. With the development of the electron microscope (e.m.), these specks were determined to be hundreds, and sometimes thousands of definite structures where specific cell functions were being carried out. They are called organelles or "little organs" because of their specific activities. These include the following: Producing energy to power cell functions Transporting substances through the cell synthesizing chemical compounds Providing storage areas Some of the colors you will observe are natural. Others result from stains added to the specimen to enhance their details while those taken with the electron microscope have had colors electronically added. This poster measures 25.5" x 36" Cheek Cells - Stained (900x) The Modern Cell - e.m. (37,000x) he Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum - e.m. - (18,500x) The Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum - e. m. (18,500x) The Mitochondria - e.m. (10,5000x) Golgi Bodies - e.m. - (9,000x) Vacuoles - e.m. - (1,800x) Chloroplasts - e.m. - (16,000x)
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