We all know intuitively what pressure is. Our bodies apply pressure on our shoe soles when we walk, on the pencil when we write and on the mattress when we lie down. But can liquids apply pressure as well? The answer is not obvious but anyone who has ever gone deep enough underwater in the sea or in a pool has experienced the pressure exerted by water - hydrostatic pressure. This specially developed, multiple use kit enables students to learn and explore hydrostatic pressure in an active and meaningful manner. They can measure it at various depths, investigate the effect of a liquid's density on hydrostatic pressure, and check whether the size of a container affects hydrostatic pressure.

Feature Group
Bullet Point 1 Labless lab kits provide the teacher with a whole package of tools required for effective science teaching.
Bullet Point 2 Teachers manual is included with scripted guidelines, background information, and questions and answers.
Bullet Point 3 Easy to use and safe.
Bullet Point 4 Kits are modular and can be used anywhere.
Bullet Point 5 Suit all science curriculums.
Age From 10
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Grade To 12
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