• Mini Easi-Grip®  Scissors - Retail

Ultra lightweight self-opening scissors. Ideal for use for early scissor skill development, or for special needs due to weak hands or those who are unable to use conventional style scissors. Mini Easi-Grip® scissors are 2/3 the size of the standard version and due to the minimal bias during the cutting action, can in most cases be used in either the right or left hand.

WARNING: This toy contains functional sharp points or sharp edges

Not for Children under 4 yrs

Feature Group
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Number of Players 1
Play Time Various
Bullet Point 1 High quality handle that will not snap and retains spring action
Bullet Point 2 Stainless steel blades with guaranteed secure fixing to handle
Bullet Point 3 Blade guard supplied for safety
Bullet Point 4 Ultra lightweight
Age From 4+
Grade From PreK+
International Data
Country Of Origin UK
8 - WARNING: Sharp Object Yes

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Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors - Retail

  • Brand: Peta-UK
  • Product Code: P-125-RT
  • $8.49

Tags: P-125-RT, easi-grip, scissor, scissors, left-handed child, left-handed, left handed, scissor, right handed, right, retail, easy grip,