• Air Pollution & Human Health
Pollen grains (40x) • Volcanic dust (8400x • insert (24,800x) • Sulfuric acid droplet (62,800x) • Quartz sand (210x) • Fly ash and soot (210x)• Blackened white house walls (210x) • Blackened lungs (65x) • Asbestos(210x)
Age From 5
Age To 18
Grade From ALL
International Data
HTS Code 4901990010
Country Of Origin United States of America
Product Code
UPC-12 795721129108

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Air Pollution & Human Health

  • Product Code: T-89
  • $8.99

Tags: T-89, NTA, Air Pollution, Human Health, health, Pollen grains, Volcanic dust, insert, Sulfuric acid droplet, Quartz sand, Fly ash and soot, Blackened white house walls, Blackened lungs, Asbestos, microslides, micro-slide, science,