• Advanced Glassware Kit
95 pieces are included in the advanced Glassware Kit. Includes: 1-50ml Griffin beaker 2-250ml Griffin beakers 1-600ml Griffin beaker 1-50ml Erlenmeyer flask 2-250ml Erlenmeyer flasks 1-500ml Erlenmeyer flask 6 medicine droppers 6-6" stir rods, 1-10ml cylinder 1-100ml cylinder, serological pipette 12-16 x1 50mm test tubes 1-75mm x 75mm short stem funnel 1-25ml burette with stopcock 1-6" dropping pipette 6 Barnes bottles with droppers 2-8-oz bottles with droppers assemblies 2-60ml dropping bottles with ground glass pipettes 1-100mm drying tube, 1-300mm condenser 1-250ml Bomex boiling flask 1-60ml porcelain mortar and pestle 1-5ml volumetric pipette 1-6 x 300mm thistle tube1-4" watch glass 12-5m 12" long flint glass tubes 12-6mm 12" flint glass tubes 12- 7mm 12" flint glass tubes 1-250ml Bomex filtering flask 1-250ml volumetric flask 1-100ml Bomex volumetric boiling flask 1-75 x75 mm short stem funnel
International Data
HTS Code 7017905000
Country Of Origin United States of America
Product Code
UPC-12 795721138865

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Advanced Glassware Kit

  • Brand: Ginsberg
  • Product Code: 7-2000-37
  • $272.99

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