Made of Plexiglass with 2 hinged chambers and is used to demonstrate the power of a magnetic field. The center battery shaped magnet is attached to one chamber. When the chambers are separated, the filings in one chamber fall. When the chambers are joined together and inverted the filings realign themselves according to the magnetic field lines The clear visibility of this unit makes understanding lines of magnetic force much easier to demonstrate. The iron filings float in a layer of oil encased in an acrylic plate and orient themselves according to the magnetic force of any magnet placed under the apparatus. Perfect for use on overhead projectors. 6" Bar Magnet is included as well as instructions for use. 10.25" x 6.5" x 6.5", 2.8 lb.
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Keywords 7-497, Projector of Magnetic Line-of-Force, 3-D Magnetic Field Demonstrator
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HTS Code 9023000000
Country Of Origin United States of America
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UPC-12 795721149410

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3-D Magnetic Field Demonstrator and Magnetic Lines Of Force Viewer Set

  • Product Code: 7-497
  • $73.99

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