• Supersticks Rainbow Pink/Violet/Blue/Yellow Box of 12
Four fun colors in one pencil! Draw with each color individually or all at the same time! Packaged in a refill carton of 12 pencils! Made entirely in Austria with sustainably harvested, untreated wood.
Feature Group
Bullet Point 1 Break resistant 3.8mm cored
Bullet Point 2 Preservative-free, easily sharpened wood casings
Bullet Point 3 Cores are glued the entire length of the pencil to ensure the core never comes loose
Bullet Point 4 Long Lasting
Bullet Point 5 Made in Austria

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Supersticks Rainbow Pink/Violet/Blue/Yellow Box of 12

  • Brand: Jolly
  • Product Code: A-3740-0003
  • $14.99

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