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bodyIQ  Card Set

bodyIQ Card Set

Body IQ Standard set of Cards..

Product Code: BIQ-2

$14.99 $19.99

bodyIQ  Classroom Set

bodyIQ Classroom Set

Learning about the body has just become seriously fun! Throw the die and follow the blood vessels th..

Product Code: BIQ-200

$39.99 $49.99

bodyIQ  Food Fight Fruit

bodyIQ Food Fight Fruit

Food Fight Card Sets challenge players to name the vitamin or mineral each food contains the most of..

Product Code: BIQ-21

$2.99 $4.99

bodyIQ  Food Fight Mat

bodyIQ Food Fight Mat

Body IQ Food Fight Mat -  The product is a soft rubberized color printed material. MACHINE WASH..

Product Code: BIQ-23

$14.99 $19.99

bodyIQ  Nutrition Classroom Set

bodyIQ Nutrition Classroom Set

Find out how food is broken down, how vitamins are absorbed and why it's so important to eat healthy..

Product Code: BIQ-32

$29.99 $49.99

bodyIQ  Nutrition Mat

bodyIQ Nutrition Mat


Product Code: BIQ-33

$19.99 $29.99

bodyIQ  Standard Carpet

bodyIQ Standard Carpet

Body IQ Standard Carpet - This carpet is 6' 6.25" L x 23.25" W x 1/8" H; 3lbs. It shows the major hu..

Product Code: BIQ-3

$19.99 $29.99

bodyIQ  Wood Markers,Die, Nylon, Storage Bags

bodyIQ Wood Markers,Die, Nylon, Storage Bags

Body IQ Wood Markers and Die..

Product Code: BIQ-5

$3.99 $4.99

Nurtition Card Set

Nurtition Card Set

600 playing cards (consisting of 300 questions and answers distributed between 10 organ categories),..

Product Code: BIQ-31


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