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ABIG Printing Press

ABIG Printing Press

This hand lever printing press can be used for all techniques of block printing. The specially desig..

Product Code: A-173000


Atmospheric Pressure and Volume

Atmospheric Pressure and Volume

Air is all around us, but are we aware of the pressure it exerts on us and its effect? This multiple..

Product Code: 6-3005-00


Blood Pressure Set

Blood Pressure Set

This Student Blood Pressure Kit will hold up to repetitive classroom use! The durable arm cuff close..

Product Code: 7-1882


Little Shop Of Physics®  Pressure

Little Shop Of Physics® Pressure

Mash marshmallows, vacuum pack a student, and take the suction cup challenge... The goal is to teach..

Product Code: 3139


Magdeburg Hemisphere, Rubber

Magdeburg Hemisphere, Rubber

Magdeburg Hemisphere A classic in the field of teaching about vacuums! In a modern application of th..

Product Code: 7-805




We all know intuitively what pressure is. Our bodies apply pressure on our shoe soles when we walk, ..

Product Code: 6-3010-00


Vacuum Pump With Gauge; 10-1/4

Vacuum Pump With Gauge; 10-1/4" X7-1/4" x 2"; 75 lb

Supplied with a pressure gauge that reads in both centimeters and inches of mercury, the vacuum pump..

Product Code: 7-206-1


Weather Model

Weather Model

In combination with a detailed Teacher's Guide, this 16" x 12" x 3"3-D model will help students unde..

Product Code: 650


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